About the Resort

Ecofarm Resort is a family owned private estate. It is offered to customers who wish to rent the place and experience having their own serene expanse of land so that they can enjoy nature or just simply to celebrate their memorable moments with family and friends.

How did Ecofarm Resort start?

Back in 2005, Ecofarm Resort was just a private pool house enjoyed by our family because of its sprawling landscaped grounds, nearness to Mount Makiling and it was a short drive from Metro Manila. We have celebrated several occasions with our family and friends here. When word got out about the resort, many suggested that we open this place to other people who might be interested in renting it. Now, Ecofarm Resort has been enjoyed by several other families, friends and groups who have celebrated their own memorable occasions.


What you can expect?

 Ecofarm Resort is a 5,000 square meter land with houses, natural landscape and amenities. The place has a nice view of Mount Makiling at the west side that adds charm to the private estate. The resort can cater to the customer as a venue for different occasions, celebrations, and events. Click on the 4 Resort Plans below so you will have an idea of what to expect at Ecofarm Resort.


Ecofarm Resort Site Plans – (click to enlarge)

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